We provide an art education unlike any other in Austin.  We balance our lessons in an area that provides children with lesson in technical skill, while ALSO providing them the unstructured time and space to truly develop their own unique creativity and voice.

Your child won’t always come home with a finished product because we believe that the learning process in more valuable than a finished product. We believe that when children are allowed to experiment and solve their own creative challenges, they learn grit, passion and a growth mindset. We take projects through the entire creative process starting with brainstorming, research, technical lesson, and letting them experiment with their own techniques, solutions and twists. Current research shows that true creative thinking is developed when children’s creative process is honored.

We host camps and classes at three locations: Magellan International School (north),  Whole Life Learning Center (south), and Austin Home Base Academy (central).  

Aftercare is available for our summer camps, and can be signed up with registration. Check out this video made by our campers at Claymation Camp: