STEAM curriculum


You may have heard of STEM schools, which focus on Science Technology Engineering and Math. However, researchers and educators alike are beginning to realize that innovation is best nurtured through the arts. Therefore, many schools and organizations are evolving from STEM curriculum to STEAM curriculum as they embrace the arts.

In Mr. Boatright’s 5th grade class at Blackshear Elementary we have been working on logo design.  Blackshear is Austin's first fine arts magnet elementary.  We are partnering the study of art and math to strengthen our understanding of both realms. We spent time studying many famous logos and came to the conclusion that often time successful logos use simple geometric shapes that have rotational symmetry, reflection symmetry or simple translation. The students began the semester by sketching simple geometric logos that incorporated at least one type of symmetry.

Later, we discussed the psychology of color and students had a chance to create more designs as they reflected on their use of color in their design. Right now, the students are planning to designs logos for a variety of school organizations. We are hoping to have the best designs printed. Keep your eyes open for the great work coming from Mr. Boatright’s fifth grade class!


If you are in Austin we'd like to invite you to come stop by and see us at Little East. Here is the flier: