The Austin Artery

Nurture Your Creative Heart


The Austin Artery has been operating for three years providing summer art camps for children and other creative workshops.

As our name suggests, our mission is bringing vital creative energy to the Austin community. 

We believe that true creativity is cultivated through courage. We help our students develop the courage to paint, (or sculpt, or illustrate, or write...)  by focusing on the creative PROCESS rather than the product.  Your child's love of learning, critical thinking skills,  and ability to collaborate will blossom in our programs. 

However, we also believe each child needs a firm foundation in the elements and principles of art. We will spend a portion of our program each day honing our technical skills. We also believe that mindfulness is imperative to the creative process so we will spend some time during the program doing mindfulness activities to prepare our minds and bodies for our creative work.